I come from a broken family. My mother and father are both wonderful people but it just didn’t work out as sometimes it doesn’t for people. They separated the day after my 8th birthday and were divorced within two years and it was hard. It was hard on all of us because no matter how much people try to do things amicably there are still emotions there and it just hard to work through. There are not many things in life that I really hate but divorce is one of them because it just ruins people and can bring out the worst in everyone.

Unfortunately I grew up blaming my dad for all of that hurt and pain…..and I pushed him away. I pushed him so far away that when I saw him years later finally I almost didn’t recognize him. As I have grown older and sorted through all the pain and interactions we had I realized that he was not the one that was completely at fault and to this day it breaks my heart to think of the things I said and did to try to hurt him in return for the hurt I felt.

I will say now, at almost 30 years old, I have done a great deal of soul searching trying to figure out why I was so angry and what it was that made me push him so far away. I finally came to the realization that I was wrong and had misplaced anger towards someone that was always loving, and caring to me no matter how much of a awful child I was to him. I am so thankful that we have been able to mend our relationship because family is SO important. I know I cannot go back and change what happened in the past but I can learn from my mistakes, ask for forgiveness, and do better in the future. So here’s to you dad. Thank you for always being my loving rock even during my stormiest times, I strive to be more like you every day.


Beach Body Health Bet!


Need a little motivation? I bet this will get you pumped!

Beachbody is giving away over $1 million and you can automatically qualify to split a piece of the prize! All you have to do is participate in a Challenge Group on the My Challenge Tracker App and meet the in-app weekly tracking requirements each week during the Beachbody Health Bet Contest, September 5-October 2, 2016.

It’s that simple! If you track your progress during the qualifying weeks, you’ll get an equal share of the over $1 million cash prize.

Here’s exactly what you have to do to qualify:

1. JOIN: You must be an active participant in a Challenge Group on the My Challenge Tracker app by September 5, 2016. I will have a challenge running from August 22, 2016 through October 20,2016 that you can participate in. You can choose your challenge pack here! Download the My Challenge Tracker app here to log your progress during the challenge.

2. TRACK YOUR PROGRESS: Use the app to log at least five Shakeology drinks with photos and three Beachbody workouts during all four qualification weeks.

3. QUALIFY: Log your Shakeology and workouts by 11:59 p.m. on the last day of each contest week:

Week 1: September 5–September 11
Week 2: September 12–September 18
Week 3: September 19–September 25
Week 4: September 26–October 2

4. CASH IN: Meet all the requirements and you’ll automatically win an equal share of the cash pot!

I can’t wait to help you achieve your health and nutrition goals before the holidays hit. Please leave a comment below, visit my coaching page or send me an email if you have any questions!

21 Day Fix

Hi!!!!!!!!! So this is my first ever blog so I am sure I will bump my way through it and please comment so I know I how can do better in the future. Anyways I wanted to give a quick background on why I decided to join Beach Body (BB) then talk about how my first program (21 day fix) went. Here it goes:

I have been an avid CrossFitter for the last five years. Say what you will about CrossFit but at the time in my life that I started it I really needed the support and camaraderie that it provided for me. CrossFit also linked me to some of the most amazing people and friends, which I will always be thankful for. However, I was burnt out on it….. I believe the reason for this is that I was just really tired of being painfully sore all the time and honestly I wasn ‘t seeing any sort of physical results from all the effort I was putting into it.

Enter my beautiful friend and upline coach Ashleigh who gently pushed me to do 21 day fix with her and become a coach at the same time. She explained that I wouldn’t have to promote the BB products if I was not into that and could just be a coach to get the Shakeology discount. Lastly she explained I could cancel anytime no penalties so I figured why not and gave it a shot!

Holy moly that first workout kicked my booty so hard!!!! I assumed all the CrossFit I had been doing 5-6 days a week kept me in really good shape but boy was I wrong! I was a sweaty tired mess and I even had to do the modified moves a few times. I knew at that moment that I had made the right decision to start my BB journey and I am so thankful for the love and support of my family and new BB friends that helped me stick with it even though some days it was really tough. Here is a before and after pic for 21 day fix. I lost a total of 4 pounds and five inches but I noticed the biggest different in my abs that are now poking through a little more. 13934691_10154903716256686_6733657965632896446_nI am now doing another challenge for 8 weeks starting next Monday and doing the 22 minute Hard Corps Program so I’m excited to start that one and will update ya’ll soon on it!


Ok so I decided to keep doing the #21dayfix for three more weeks and mix in some of the #22minutehardcorps program since that is the one my boyfriend is currently doing. He’s super into it by the way and even bought an indoor pull-up bar so we wouldn’t have to run out to the garage to do the pull-ups.


It was 4:00AM when I took this so its hard to see but the pull-up bar is on the door frame. I’m so proud of my boyfriend for jumping into this program because its not easy. Anyways back to the #21dayfix. I have been really dialing in my nutrition and using my containers with the Fixate meal plan every single day. It definitely helps when I’m at work because I swear it’s been potluck city lately especially since the kids went back to school. It’s like summertime bodies and diets go straight out the window after school starts. Anybody else witness that? Here’s a pick of my Sunday meal planning. I think I’m going to buy some more of the containers so I can take more veggies to work. I’m constantly struggling with getting all my veggie servings in everyday.


Now its been a total of six weeks since I have been on the #21dayfix and I’m down a total of 8 pounds! I’m finally seeing that definition in my stomach that I have been trying to get. I still have more work to do but seeing these results and actively participating in my challenge groups really helps me stay on track. I’m going to bump up to the #21dayfixextreme next and I’m really excited to see my improvements over the next 3 weeks. I have to say I’m nervous though as we head into the holiday season. Stay positive and talk to you all soon!

20160409 21dayfix