PiYo Program Week Two

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So I consider this week a success! I did not lose nor gain any weight, which probably sounds like it may not be a success. However, I was completely off my schedule from traveling back east to visit one of my closest friends so all factors considered I am really proud of myself for not gaining. Traveling is hard on your body no matter how good you are trying to be and to be honest I wasn’t super strict on myself because I wanted to enjoy my vacation. The good news is I found that there are still a lot of healthy options out there for people while they are traveling. I found this amazing tofu and roasted vegetable wrap at a place inside Terminal 4 at LAX. I didn’t eat it until about half through my plane ride but it was the perfect lunch that didn’t leave me bloated or uncomfortable during that 6 hour ride.


Then once I landed the only thing open (being it was 10 PM) was Wegmans grocery store. I had never been to one but they have a ton of reasonably priced healthy options and even soups and salads that are pre-packaged and fresh. I was very thankful for this since I was wiped out tired and could have easily not eaten or eaten something that made me feel yucky.

So I definitely indulged in some wine and cheese and tried some new dishes I don’t normally have when I’m on my normal schedule at home but found there are so many healthier options in other ethnic foods that are fun and very favorable. Here is a picture of some French cuisine we tried in Washington D.C. It was top notch quality and flavor by the way.

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I also tried Peruvian food which was totally amazing as well.


One of the things I have learned on my weight loss journey is that I don’t have to deprive myself of the things I love just becasue I am trying to live a healthy lifestyle. I can still enjoy my little indulgences I just don’t have to eat the entire plate of food or drink the entire bottle of wine. You know? Moderation has really helped me stay on track and not feel completely deprived of the things I love. Here are some more pics of my fun weekend back east.

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I am definitely glad to be back home and on my usual schedule but I thoroughly enjoyed my vacation and do not feel like I completely threw my progress away just becasue I was off my schedule for awhile. The point of all this is you can still live your life and enjoy things even when you are following a healthy lifestyle.

PiYo Program Week One

Alright so week 1 went OK. I am down 1 pound but I feel like I could have done a little better. The workouts are really easy to keep up with all the time for me because I really enjoy working out and my eating was really great during the week but the problem is the weekend……It’s so easy to stay consistent with my eating when I’m at work and have all my pre portioned meals and snacks packed up and ready but when the weekend gets here it’s like I get lazy about eating when I’m supposed and just grab whatever is closest to me or easy…….plus we went out to eat three times and I don’t always make the best choices when we’re out and…..I had a few glasses of wine as well. That being said I definitely know where I can do better and hopefully increase my results. On a happy note Bryce made this amazing ham and beans Crockpot recipe last night, which was so delicious I had it again for lunch today. I’m usually not a leftovers person at all but the recipe was so good I didn’t mind having the leftovers. See the recipe here.

So far the start to this week has been really good; however, I am going back east for the weekend so we shall see how that goes. I am going to keep good track of how I do so I can report back next week and hopefully with better results. Here are this weeks progress pics.





PiYo Live


So I decided to become a PiYo Live Instructor. I’ve always loved group fitness classes and when I found that BeachBody offers instructor courses for certain programs and I thought why not become and instructor myself? The instructor courses are offered all over and my good friend and fellow coach Frenchi (http://www.thefitlyfe.com/) talked me into driving over to Henderson, NV the last weekend in September so we could take the PiYo Live Instructor course and get teaching before the end of this year!

I have to admit I was reluctant at first because we signed up last minute (2 days before the class) and I knew it was going to require a lot of traveling (about 4 hours each way) on top of the course itself which was on a Sunday from 9-5 and we both had to work the next morning. Luckily Frenchi is super convincing and we made a girls weekend/road trip out of it. Here are some pics from our road trip and when we stopped at the Alien Jerky Shop in Baker, CA.

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The instructor course itself was so fun. Much better than I had anticipated. It was located at the beautiful Anthem Country Club in Henderson, NV, where we gathered in a small room at 9AM and the instructor, the lovely and hilarious Katrina Pilkington (who was 7 months pregnant and just as fun and bubbly as ever. I would highly recommend taking classes with her if you ever get the opportunity), reviewed the expectations she had for us and what we should expect out of the course as well. Next, we jumped into a 55 minute PiYo class taught by Katrina so we could get a feel of how they go. So I have to be honest before this day I had never done any kind of PiYo workout and although I consider myself to be in decent shape this class kicked my booty!!! I freaking loved and at that moment realized that I had made the right decision to become an instructor and could not wait to start teaching others!

The rest of the day included theory about the technique, choreography, the class sections, anatomy, skeletal and muscular structure of the body, proper form and keeping our clients safe, music and cueing. I have to admit it was a pretty intense day but it went by super fast. By the end of the day I knew what I needed to work on to get comfortable teaching on my own. I went home and practiced everyday on my own for a few weeks before asking my close friends if I could practice teaching them, which became more successful every time I practiced and got feedback from my friends (thank you all for your support, you know who you are). I’ve now been holding full classes in my backyard for people to try in order to generate interest and build a clientele I am going to start teaching at a local wellness center starting in November!!!! I am so excited that this opportunity came along and I think I may invest in becoming certified to teach other BeachBody Live classes in the future! Here are some more pictures from the Instructor class.

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Next Program…..PiYo

Alright! I have decided to become a PiYo Live instructor (another post to come about that soon) and since I will be teaching PiYo to others I have also decided to follow the PiYo at home workouts and nutritional guide for the next 8 weeks! Here is my progress so far from when I started doing Beach Body programs to the current date (this includes 2 rounds of 21 Day Fix and two rounds of 21 Day Fix Extreme). I’m current sitting at 134 pounds and I’m really pushing to get back into the 120’s like I was back in my Paleo eating days. By the way Paleo was not a sustainable lifestyle for me which is why I only stuck with it for about 8 months but hey I tried right?!?


Anyways I have been trying really hard to eat clean and follow the nutritional guide and also make tasty meals that my family will eat too…..mostly so I don’t have to make more than one meal because that is such a dang pain. Over this weekend I made the steak fajitas that were such a hit everyone ate all the leftovers the next day too (a sign of an excellent recipe). Here is my progress pic for this week and I plan to post one every week and let you all know how I did with my workouts and eating each week along with any successful recipes that I made for the week. Successful = family and I enjoyed it. So here is to beginning my at home PiYo program journey!

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My Reason for Shakeology

I get asked A LOT of questions about Shakeology. Things like why I started drinking Shakeology? Is it really worth all the hype? Why is it so expensive? What does it taste like? I guess those are just the usual questions anyone would have when they are healing all sorts of hype about some new “diet” product because I sure think those things and I had the same questions before I started drinking it as well. So before I start answering the reasons why I love drinking Shakeology I will give you a little background into my life pre-Shakeology……

I was a Starbucks fanatic!!!!!!!! But like the fru fru drinks Starbucks lover. I was all about those fraps and would hit my local SB up more than I would like to admit. So yes I know those designer concoctions are full of fat and sugar and deliciousness but I didn’t care I would try and drink the “skinny” versions as much as possible but they made me feel yucky which I am sure was attributed to all the fake sugar ha ha. On top of my love of good ol’ SB I was also a lover of all things sweet for breakfast. If I was going to eat something for breakfast than it was going to be something sweet because it was all I could stand first thing in the morning. My sweet choices weren’t completely awful, it would be things like toast with bananas and PB, or oatmeal with fruit, or yogurt with granola. So it wasn’t like I was eating straight doughnuts or pastries but I did only want something on the sweeter side.

Anyways along comes my beautiful and wonderful upline coach and mentor Ashleigh who introduces me to Beachbody and of course what goes hand in hand with a BB program other than Shakeology right? So I was super skeptical. I have never I repeat NEVER like a protein shake and trust me I have tried an array of different ones trying to find something that I could choke down which I never found and had given up on long ago.

So I say eh I’ll give it a try. I mean worst case scenario I try it for a month, hate it an cancel my auto-ship subscription. What’s the risk right? I wasted 1 month of trying something new????? Why not give it a shot, I’m almost 30 and need to keep trying new stuff out to keep myself from getting stuck in a rut and becoming an old boring person (this is what I think to myself all the time). So I get the variety pack of Shakeology so I can give a few different flavors a try and see if I find a favorite. I get my shipment in and have to admit I was so excited to open t up and try one right then and there. Knowing that I don’t like shake especially with just plain water I mix the vanilla Shakeology with a half cup or orange juice, almond mild and ice (because I secretly love dreamsicles and think this is as close as I can get to having one). And it was A M A Z I N G!!!! So of course this got me all over Pinterest looking at shake recipes and different ways I can spice up my new little venture and I come across this Monkey Mocha recipe (Chocolate Shakeology, TBSP instant coffee, half banana, 2 TBSP PB2, 1 cup unsweetened Almond Milk, Ice and Water) and I am in heaven!!!!! This is just as good as my fru fru Starbucks that I love so much only doesn’t make me feel like crap after I drink it and it chock full of nutrients. JACKPOT!!!!!


So now I have replaced my SB fix and my desire for a sweet breakfast with something else that yes breaks down to $4.33/day (still under my daily SB cost) but also keeps me feeling satisfied until I’m ready to eat my eggs (usually around 10 AM). And of course on top of all that it contains protein, super-fruit/antioxidant blend, supergreen/phytonutrient blend, and both pre and probiotic/digestive enzymes so I know I am getting good nutrients in first thing in the morning which is also something that is important to me. So there is the reason why I choose to drink Shakeology and believe it is worth the cost. We drink the Vegan shakes because my BF has an allergy to whey and the Vegan shakes are soy and whey free!!!!!