PiYo Program Final Week


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This was my last week of doing the PiYo program and I have to say it was the hardest yet. Mostly because of the traveling we did because that always throws me off my schedule…..oh and the whole Thanksgiving thing ha ha. I honestly didn’t do too badly on Thanksgiving though because I think I figured out how much my body needs to be satisfied and of what types of foods so that helped.


I have also come to terms with the fact that I don’t NEED to eat every single thing in the Thanksgiving spread just because it’s there. Previously I always felt obligated to try a little bit of everything whether it was something I liked or not and this year I just had a little bit of my favorites and that was plenty. I never got that stuffed…. Bloaty…… need to take a nap because I’m miserable feeling so in my book that was a successful holiday and I enjoyed the foods that I diet because after all they were my favorites (imagine that) So I had to share that I did not bring a blender with me for the two days we were down south first day for a cheer competition in Orange County, and then second day to fly out of LAX and both days I found a Starbucks that was happy to add my Shakeology in a coffee light frappe for me so I thought that was really nice. I prefer to have my Shakeology blend up with ice and milk instead of just in a shaker cup, but that’s just me. Anyways Starbucks for the win right there.


I also was able to find fresh fruits, vegetables and cheese at a gas station while we were traveling by car to Arkansas, which was super helpful being that we got into Memphis kind of late and had not eaten anything for dinner. I am happy that gas stations are starting to offer things other than chips, candy bars, and crackers. Although I prefer not to eat any gas station foods, I was hungry enough and it was the only option we had in the middle of nowhere, I was thankful for it.


So we got home late Friday night and I decided to step on the scale just to see what damage was from our little vacation and I had gained 3 pounds based; however, I think seeing that helped whip me right back into my routine and when I did my normal Monday morning weigh in I was back to where I was before we left! Winning!!!!!!!!! I did not gain or lose during the Thanksgiving holiday even though I was off my schedule, indulged in some treats, and sat around a lot so overall I think that it was a successful week. I also lost a total of 7 pounds from start to finish of the program and I feel wonderful. PiYo is a great program for building a lean and toned body, and working on your flexibility. I not only can touch my toes now, but my feet are nearly flat on the ground when I downdog and my balance has also improved.

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As of Monday 11/28/2016 I have started the Core de Force program and will be blogging about my progress throughout that as well. I can tell you this about CDF, it is no joke. I am only 2 days in and I was a sweaty mess both days and I’ pretty sore too. I am still teaching PiYo 2 nights a week so I am hoping that will help stretch all my soreness out.

PiYo Program Week Six


Check out my 5 week difference!!!! Can you believe just following a program can get you these results. It still blows my mind.


Another successful week and I am finally going to share a booty pick because I FINALLY feel comfortable enough to show it ha ha. My booty has always been my trouble spot and what I am most self conscious about anyways here is is:

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Not bad but I definitely can still tighten it up a little more 🙂 As you can see I am in a hotel room because we are on the go again. We had a cheerleading competition on Saturday then on Sunday we flew out to Arkansas to visit family for Thanksgiving. Oh and guess what I learned?!?!? Starbucks will blend shakeology into your frappe for you. So of course I took advantage of that since I cannot live without my shakeology anymore.

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It keeps me regular and just makes me feel so good even while I’m traveling so I just bag it up and find a way to get my morning dose. I swear it kept me healthy too. I’ve around so many sick people and kids lately and haven’t had an issue yet, which is not how it used to be for me. Ugh I was always sick! Anyways this week is all about staying on track during the holiday. So far so good and I’m so thankful to have time with my family, they are such a blessing. I hope you are all able to spend time with your loved ones. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


PiYo Program Week Five


This week was so great! I can tell not that my body has changed physically and the even better part is that I have become more flexible. I’ve been able to push into into the movements more deeply than when I had started this program, especially in the Flow sections of the workouts. (Flow is described as a flowing balance section of the workout where poses are held for a longer period of time). I can also tell my body has become stronger because I can now complete almost all of the workouts without taking a break. I always considered myself to be in great shape but PiYo has shown me that I things I could work on such as balance and a stronger core. So much of this program uses core work which is probably why I have seen the big difference in my stomach.



Anyways weight wise I am down about a half pound but like I said last week I don’t think I will likely lose a whole lot more scale wise but the number is going down still so who knows I could be wrong. I have also been trying to mix up our meals and try a few new things. This week I made a healthier version of shrimp scampi, and a crockpot burrito bowl that ended up being super delish. I also did one day of the 3 Day Refresh cleanse so I had this amazing stir fry (it’s seriously so yummy, here’s looking at you meatless Monday’s).

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Lastly, I made the decision to do Chalene Johnson’s Smart Success Academy and she totally snapchatted me back when I sent her a chat letting her know I joined! (By the way my snapchat handle is kmcclean86) Anyways I just finished Module 1 of Smart Success and its seriously LIFE CHANGING!!!!! Just do it especially if you are struggling to find your happiness. You will not be disappointed!


So I am down to the last three weeks of the PiYo program and although I am sad it is coming to an end I cannot wait to start Core de Force. I keep seeing people post videos and pictures of themselves doing it and I’m so excited to get started with that program! I’m thinking it may even be my next LIVE instructor course….. Alright I have to get dinner ready before my PiYo LIVE class. Chat soon!



PiYo Program Week Four


I’m so excited about these pictures! The pictures in the pink bra on the left of each frame were taken the week I started the at home PiYo program and the picture on the right side of each frame was taken this past weekend. I can honestly say I not only see but I also feel a difference and even though I had one weekend where I was back east and another weekend that was filled with Halloween and birthday parties, keeping consistent with this plan has really proved to be worth the effort. I’m only down 1/2 a pound from last week but I am totally ok with that because I am getting to the point where I probably won’t be losing a whole lot more scale-wise but more inches wise instead. So, I will make sure to keep taking consistent measurements so I can see where I land on week 8.

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I can’t believe I am half way through this program all ready, it sure goes by fast!!!! Core de Force which is zero equipment, core defining workouts that are inspired by Mixed Martial Arts was just released by Beachbody last week so I think that is the next program I am going to roll into after I finish up with PiYo and I am super excited for it. I hope you all are having a great week and don’t forget 47 days left until Christmas 🙂

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PiYo Program Week Three

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Down another pound and I am really happy with that considering some of the obstacles this week brought. Being that I had just returned from being on vacation, we celebrated my boyfriends birthday, went to a Halloween party over the weekend and of course there was that Halloween potluck at work……oh and I was the Halloween candy passer outer tonight for the kids 😉

So needless to say my following the PiYo eating plan was not my best. To be completely honest with everyone I ended up indulging some throughout the week with some birthday cake, wine, and fun size peanut M&M’s (my fave) BUT even though my eating wasn’t perfect I tried to not throw in the towel and give up all together. You are going to have slip ups in your diet and exercise journeys…….trust me. Life happens and you can’t deny yourself living your life and allowing yourself to take those indulgences. This week was proof that although my diet was not the best, I still saw results because I didn’t give up. So please don’t give up! You will have bad meals, bad days, even bad weeks but don’t throw in the towel. Keep Pushing! 🙂

Here are some pics from this week:

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