Core de Force Week 3

I cannot believe I only have 8 days left in this program. It has gone by so darn fast, and it’s hard to believe. You can definitely stick with a 30 day program fairly easily without getting bored because it just goes by really fast and I’m not sure I’ve ever gotten used to it since its constantly changing.

I did the MMA Plyo workout for the first time on Thursday which has the most complex movements and is about 50 minutes long. I honestly didn’t think I was going to ever make it to the end and was incredibly sore the next stay so I was dreading doing it again this morning (with the addition of Core Kinetics), but it honestly wasn’t as bad as the first time and I even felt a little more confident with the movements. So, I’ll say that is definitely progress. I’ve also gotten so much stronger and can tell by my push ups. There are a ton of push ups in the dynamic strength workout and I can do them all now without having to break down to my knees, which was not the case when I started 3 short weeks ago.

On another note I didn’t really think I had much more to lose scale wise but when I got on the scale at the end of this past week I looked down to see that I now (at 30 years old) weigh the same as I did when I was a senior in high school. Can you believe that? I got on and off the scale about six times just to be sure I wasn’t just off center or it was a fluke, but the number remained. I am mostly surprised by this because

1. it’s the middle of the holiday season

2. my diet has been decent but not as good as it could have been (hello wine and I think there was some cheesecake……and maybe some cookies) being that we’ve had like 8 different holiday parties

3. I ate out twice last week and not like a healthy eat out I mean like Mexican and Asian food.

So I was definitely not thinking I would have lost weight during this time period but I did. Honestly I think the reason is have become much more aware of portion sizes and what my body needs to be satisfied and not stuffed. I believe this is the mindset and awareness that has helped me the most throughout this whole process. I am very thankful for the portioning containers I got with my very first program (21 day fix) because it showed me how much I was over eating, and not even realizing it.  Anyways I think that has been my biggest realization over the past week. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and enjoy some time off to spend with the ones you love.

Overcoming Offenses…..

The series in church that Pastor Todd is working through this month is titled “Follow the Star”. Of course we all know the Christmas story, with the birth of Christ and the Star of David that guided the Wisemen so I won’t talk about that. But I did want to talk about the lesson from this past Sunday, which was about overcoming offenses, because it really hit it home for me. What does overcoming offenses mean and how does it relate to following the star you say? Basically, it means not letting things offend you and get in the way of God’s calling in your life. Pastor Todd started off the lesson by talking about driving and how he has had some less than shining moments while driving. Ha! As I sat there, I thought oh boy you don’t even know the things I have said or gestures I have made as a result of poor driving. Ha ha!!!! I can honestly tell you that I am not proud of some of the things that have come out of my mouth while driving.

This led us into the statement, “Your life is too SHORT and your calling is too great to live OFFENDED.” This really got me thinking because it’s true. I don’t know if you have ever been in a conversation and you get that heat in your chest (for me, it’s almost like I can’t even hear what is being said anymore because I am so upset by whatever comment or tone or look that was given and all I can think about is how I am going to set this person straight). My weak point is when someone talks down to me or treats me like I’m stupid. That just sets me off! but why? Why do I care? I know I’m not stupid, the people I care about know I’m not stupid so why do I get so offended? Great question right? Pastor Todd went on to say, “Why even let the small things get in the way of what God wants to do in your life?” Exactly right Pastor Todd! Does it even matter if someone I don’t know and doesn’t add value to my life thinks I’m not smart? Nope, not one bit. So why get so worked about it? Hmmmmm…… this really got me thinking hard about recent things that have happened and how I could change things.

So of course this is easier said than done. I left church on Sunday pumped and determined that I was not going to let a single person offend me, especially at work because that is where I struggle the most. It didn’t go well. Trust me, this week I tried really hard to not be offended as conversations happened and issues came up but unfortunately I am human and imperfect and I even lost it on Wednesday morning (luckily my co-worker was very aware that I was trying hard to not be offended and reminded me of my goals so that helped get me back pretty quick). However, this is something I am going to continue to work on because and just as Pastor Todd said, I believe with God’s help I can get over being easily offended. I know that whatever is causing someone to act in a way that is offensive to me likely has nothing to do with me. That’s right! I finally said it and I will continue to remind myself, it’s not about me…’s about them, so why get upset? Why waste my energy? Why not extend the grace of God out to those people because I don’t know what may be going on in their lives.

To close I wanted to quote two scriptures that Pastor Todd referred to during this lesson that I truly believe are important to remember whenever we feel that heat in our chest and start to think about ways we can set this person straight:

Ephesians 4:2 Always be humble and gentle. Be patient with each other, making allowance for each other’s faults because of your love.

Colossians 3:13 Make allowance for each other’s faults, and forgive anyone who offends you. Remember, the Lord forgave you, so you MUST forgive others.

~With God’s help I am getting over being easily offended~

Core de Force Week 2 and other thoughts

This morning I woke up and did my 15th Core de Force workout which means I’m already half way through the 30 day program. Can you believe that? It also means there are only 12 days left until Christmas, which is totally scary. I cannot believe how fast this year has passed. It feels like just yesterday we were toasting our champagne flutes to bring in 2016 and now we are on to 2017.

As I look back as the year I realized I have now been a part of the Beachbody family for 5 months. Almost half the year I have been working on my weightloss journey. Thinking back through what happened this year makes me realize that time passed really fast too. I am 12 pounds smaller from where I was when I started, I’ve completed 3 Beachbody programs (almost 4), I have become certified to teach the PiYo LIVE format, I’ve made dozens of new supportive/amazing friends, and I have helped many others start on their own weightloss journeys. All this in just 5 short months.

So of course all this got me thinking some more…… I wonder what the next 5 months will bring? Will I help more people? Will I reach my weightloss goal? Will I keep up with the progress I have made so far? Should I get certified to teach other formats? It’s funny because thinking back to the period of time before I started this whole Beachbody thing, none of these things were on my mind. I feel like this gift has given me a sense of direction and showed me what I am truly passionate about……helping others with nutrition and fitness.

Anyways back to CDF. It is so hard!!!! Like seriously, I still cannot go through an entire workout (other than the active recovery of course) without either dropping down to the modification or just stopping. I can tell you I am completely stopping less than I was when I started so that is progress in my book. This program is tough but I really do love it because its challenge and it’s given me so many new goals. I was watching Danielle Natoni (Top Beachbody coach, Master Trainer, and another mentor of mine) on youtube the other night and she was talking about making 2017 your fittest year yet or #fitasshit2017. So in honor of her encouragement and new fun hashtag, I am jumping on that train with her. Let’s make 2017 our fittest year ever. Here are my goals for the year: Try new programs, take chances, try new foods, and get #fitasshit2017 !

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Positive Influence

Chalene Johnson shared a post the other day and it really got me thinking. Who am I surrounding myself with? Are they positive and supportive people? When we get together and talk is valuable progressive conversations or are we tearing others down and complaining?

Just a few weeks ago the Pastor at my church said something that struck a chord inside me, “negativity breeds negativity. The more you surround yourself with negative people the more negative you become.” It’s true right? Someone calls you and says, “let me tell you about what so-and- so did” and you respond back with, “oh yeah well let me tell you about…..” I’m guilty of it for sure unfortunately.

But as we head into a new year and we can start fresh with a new outlook on who we want in our lives and the things we surround ourselves with. If you are feeling down and depressed or anxious maybe it’s time to look at the people you are surrounding yourself with. Are they lifting you up? Are they kind to you? Are they supportive of your goals and desires? If not, maybe it’s time to find new people to surround yourself with. Not saying you can’t be friends with those that are negative but be aware….negativity breeds negativity. I hope you all had a beautiful week.

Core de Force Week 1


Week one of Core de Force! Can I tell how challenging this program is???? But I seriously love it so much. To be honest this first week was rough. I couldn’t do all the moves for the full segment without either modifying or just stopping but that is ok because it gives me something to work towards. I’ve also been pretty sore too so I know I am working out different muscles than I was during PiYo. I still teach PiYo two nights a week so I am also doing my class workouts but I honestly think it’s helping me because it stretches out all the soreness.


Anyway the first week started off great! A lot of the workouts come with a breakdown of the moves so you can learn them before you go into the workout, which is helpful. I also bought the DVDs this time because I have been having some issues with streaming the workouts on our internet without some hiccups and so I could get a hard copy of the calendar and the nutrition guide. The reason for this was the nutrition plan changes as you go throughout the program depending on where you are at, so I wanted to be able to carry it around with me.

Core de Fore is a 30 day program but it also has a hybrid version (mixes in workouts from P90X, Insanity, hammer and Chisel and Core de Force) and a deluxe version which adds in the deluxe workouts into the program. I haven’t decided if I am going to do any of the other versions or a second 30 day round but I have some time to think about. Anyways are some pics from over the week and I’ll be checking in with you all next week!