Reconciling Relationships

Last weeks message at church really struck me hard, and its taken me a week of prayer and soul searching before I could come to post about it.

The title of the sermon was reconciling relationships, and boy is this an area in my life that I really struggle in. I’m paraphrasing here but Pastor Dakota said, “Having and living in peace with those around us is essential to our own happiness/fulfillment. Division in your heart spreads to all areas of your life”………….Ouch………. I have something to admit. I get offended…..more often than I would like to tell you, and as sad as it is to write, I have been offended by lots of things (things people have said,  done, or I just perceive they have done) and because of that offense, no matter how big or small, I have a habit of completely writing those people off. I cut them out of my life acting as if I never even knew them. Not proud of this one bit but it’s true.

Pastor Dakota went on to define reconciliation in biblical terms as the process of two previously alienated parties coming to peace with each other. Because God  has reconciled us to himself through Jesus Christ, we can reconcile with each other, no longer counting our offenses against one another. He went on to talk about how the Bible really places importance on the family structure and we studied the reconciliation that happened between Jacob and Esau in the Book of Genesis.

Powerful stuff right? I will tell you I got very emotional a few times throughout this service and the reason for this is I have a very broken relationship with my own Mother. We’ve struggled for a long time with our relationship and the last offense that occurred (I believe we are both guilty of offending each other) caused a break that has kept us from speaking for over 15 months. I am not proud of this and it kills me to write it but it’s something in my life that I believe has kept me from fulfillment and from growing in my relationship with the Lord.

We dove deep into the aspects of reconciliation and some of the major points that were discussed include:

-Reconciliation must be intentional

-Reconciliation must be rooted in prayer

-Reconciliation requires vulnerability

-Reconciliation nears completion in forgiveness

As I walk down this path of reconciliation, I know that it is a place in my heart that aches and needs repairing. I know I cannot change others but I can change myself, and I am choosing to not let the things that have happened in the past define my future…..

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  1. Holy Spirit will and can gill you with the purest of Love that is beyond our human ability to achieve, all that is required is willingness and agreement to God’ will. I love that His power touches us in those secret places and His Grace empowers us to Love those we once despised.

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