Turbo Fire 60 Day Progress

I cannot believe I have been following the Turbo Fire Program for a full 60 days all ready!!!! It’s gone by really fast and I can tell you the choreography gets easier to follow as you go through the program and adjust to it. But don’t get me wrong, this program is hard and there were days  wanted to give up on it and go back to a program that I’ve all ready done. Another tough thing about this program is that there are no breaks during the workouts like there have been in other programs I’ve completed. That’s right?!?!?! Constant movement for 15 to 60 minutes so that took me quite a bit of adjusting as well.

So far since I’ve started Turbo Fire I have lost just over 4 pounds and 6 inches and although that doesn’t sound like very much, with my current size it’s quite a bit. Since I’ve started my healthy lifestyle journey in July of 2016 I’ve lost 17 pounds. But more importantly than the weight loss, I’ve learned so much about cooking, prepping, portion sizes, and what it feels like to be full but not stuffed. I can tell you that I have completely revamped my lifestyle and I truly feel the best I’ve ever felt. No more digestive issues, no more indigestion, and no more miserable fullness.

I’m so thankful to those that got me started down this path and I’m also excited that I have the ability to help others do the same. Well, I have 30 days left to go to finish up this program than I get to decide what program comes next!

A week in review

Boy this past week was action packed! I feel like so many things happened. Let’s see if I can touch on it all. For starters I hit the half way point in Turbo Fire. Turbo Fire is a 90 day program and I’ll be totally honest with you, as much as I love it, it is hard for me to stick with one program for 30 days let alone 90! But i made it to the half way point so I’m not stopping now!

I also got my Smart Life Push Journals in the mail finally and I’m really excited about them. Not only has it helped me get organized but it also helped me determine what direction I need to be going in and how I can focus on that direction by doing a few small tasks every day. These few small tasks create that PUSH towards achieving my long term goals.

After making the decision that teaching PiYo is something I truly love and would like to continue to do more of/get better at, I joined an online PiYo Instructor development course. We have done our first few Zoom calls and I can already tell this course is going to be a huge success, and that I made the right decision to do it. PLUS the other ladies taking and leading the course are seriously awesome so I feel like I may be in for some new friends! Lord knows how hard it is to make new friends as we get older so I jump on any opportunity I can. On top of that, I have decided to start teaching classes from my home on weekends and holidays that we have no other commitments so I can offer more classes in addition to the days I teach at the Center. So be looking for those pop up classes on my Facebook Page.

Lastly, I learned all about organization this past week, and did an overhaul on my closet. I got on this whole organization kick because my co-worker and I were complaining about how we never have anything to wear yet our closet are a jam packed mess. Not a day or two later Chalene Johnson came out with a podcast called Smart Closet Makeover where she went through the steps she takes to organize her own closet. By this point I felt like it was a sign, and decided I needed to take this project on. Here is a few pictures of my new closet and the bags of clothing that I donated (does not include everything I trash canned. I’m embarrassed to tell you how many things that I had in there that were torn or way past there prime).

Chalene highly recommends these Joy Mangano huggable hangers, which are top notch. I also got one of these shoe organizers for my workout tights and tanks, which works like a dream. I feel so organized and clean when I go into my closet now instead of stressed and overwhelmed like I used to.

Finally, we have had some gorgeous weather lately so as a family we have been making an effort to get out and enjoy it. We were able to do a golf day and a quad day in one weekend so that was really great. I hope you are able to get outside when the weather permits. It’s one of the things I always look forward to doing especially when we can get out together and enjoy it. Chat soon!

Wraps, wraps, and more wraps…..

In my quest to put less garbage in my body, and eat as close to real foods as possible, I have been buying and trying different types of wrap substitutes. Why am I doing this you ask? Because I can’t eat salads all the time. I just don’t like them, I feel like they are boring, and for some reason wrapping up fresh veggies and a lean protein seems to be the most satisfying way I enjoy lunch throughout the work week. Yes, forcing myself to eat these same fresh veggies and lean protein in a salad would be much easier, but like I said, lately I am repulsed by salads, so here we are. Yes, I could just use a wheat wrap and call it good but I have been much more aware of the ingredients in my foods lately, and as I was reading the back of my wheat wrap package, and noticed things like guar gum, potassium sorbate, and sodium aluminium sulfate (WTF?!?!?). So, I decided to try some other types of wraps that have fewer and known ingredients. Here are the three I tried this week. All are available on Amazon Prime because if you didn’t know Prime is life and as soon as they make Amazon Fresh available in my area you will probably never catch me at the grocery store ever again!!!!! Hey I can dream right?!?!?!

Out of the three I tried, I my favorite was the Nuco Coconut Wrap and the reason was it was the easiest to wrap, best texture, and had the mildest flavor out of the three. Also and the ingredients include only: coconut meat, water and oil. Here it is up close and with my lunch from earlier today.

I also tried these spicy Wrawp and I liked them as well, but did not put them first on my list because the texture is a little reminiscent of sandpaper. Also they are a bit on the chewy side so you really need to heat them up in a pan to get them soft, and I’m not able to do that during the work week. In addition, there are only 3 in a pack so they are a little expensive; however, if you are really after a good spicy flavor, can heat them up prior to eating, and don’t mind the extra cost these are pretty good. I will continue to use them and may even try some of the other variations they have. The ingredients include: Apple, zucchini, flax seeds, coconut, jalapenos, onion, cayenne pepper, turmeric, citron, black salt. You can find them on Prime here.

Last and least in my book were these Spinach Raw Wraps. I was super hopeful about them until I saw the texture (similar to blue jeans) and smelled them (reminded me of a dirty fish tank). Needless to say, I knew this was not going to be my jam. I actually only tore of a small piece and tried it because I knew it was probably not going to be something I would like, and didn’t want to waste my time making a full blown meal if I was just going to be disappointed. Unfortunately the taste and texture was too close to what I believe pond scum would be like so I snapped a few pictures for you, and threw them out.

The goods news is they are very clean with ingredients of apple, spinach, onion, quinoa, coconut nectar, psyllium husk (fiber). If you’d like to see them on Prime they are here and please don’t get me wrong, this may be right up your alley and I say more power to ya, but they weren’t my thing. Anyways I hope this was helpful and I plan to do more reviews as I try new things out.

The Benefits of Accountability Groups


I wanted to share the results of the most recent 30 day accountability group that I participated in and ran with my partner and good friend Frenchi Hamill. The picture on the top is me on January 8, 2017, and the bottom is from this morning. The pictures to the right are from the challenge tracker we use in the group, and show I am down a total of 5.1 inches and 3.6 pounds for the month. I truly believe the reason I have been able to get the results I have achieved so far, and stay on track with my goals is due to the encouragement, support and motivation that comes from being a part of these private groups. We share recipes, fitness tips, meal planning ideas, goals, and struggles we are experiencing throughout the 30 day period we are together and I feel like we form a bond with one another that is hard to achieve considering not all of us are even in the same state. I read a stat that said 73% of people that a New Years Resolution Fitness Goal have all ready quit. Isn’t that sad? I know following a fitness and/or meal plan is difficult for anyone, but when you are trying to go it alone, it’s even worse. So why not at least try a group and see if you like it? What’s the risk? You end up right where you started, but got out of your comfort zone and possibly even made some friends? I can think of worse things to do. Anyways, If you are interested in trying a group, please let me know and we can talk a little more to see if it’s the right fit for you.