Emotional Eating Struggles

So I caught myself the other night elbow deep in a container of roasted mix nuts…..and I thought oh dear what am I doing right?!?!? I’m not even  freaking hungry! UGH!!!!

This was just another example of one of the many times I have fallen into my emotional eating habit. I’ve had an issue with emotional eating for as long as I can remember and most of the time I don’t even recognize that I am doing it until my stomach is miserably full. So after becoming grossly aware of my problem, I have been practicing more mindful eating as a part of my healthy life journey. Honestly, it has made me more aware of when and why I am eating AND helped truly enjoy food when I do eat instead of just mindlessly shoveling it into my face.

I have also been really trying to retrain myself to not eat just to eat but to eat when my body actually needs the nourishment; however, there are still times when something happens and all that goes out the window. For example, in this particular case I was reading a story on the news that was making me pretty upset, which is why I found myself elbow deep in a canister of mixed nuts. Once I recognized what was going on, I immediately stopped and thought why am I eating this right now? What benefit is it providing my body? Do I feel actual hunger? And after asking myself those questions I determined I was stressed out because of the news I was reading…… not really a reason to be eating right?!?!

Anyways I know this won’t be an easy road and I will continue to have to catch myself but hopefully with consistency and mindfulness I can turn this bad habit into a distant memory. Have you ever found yourself in a situation of emotional eating? Tell me about it. I’d love to hear your story.

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