My new favorite love to hate (but mostly love) guy is back with brand new workouts and I want to do them with YOU!!!!! Shaun T will be releasing 7 new workouts starting the week of June 12th. It’s called INSANE FOCUS and is said to be a solid week of Insanity and Focus T25 inspired workouts. So here’s the plan:

I will be running a challenge group starting June 12th where we will be doing the new workouts daily and checking in with each other virtually to check-in, talk (or cry) and share our experiences with one another about the workouts and hold one another accountable for completing them. We will continue this accountability group for a full 30 days where I will expect daily check ins from you to show you are keeping up with your program and supporting others in their 30 day journey as well.

Also I will be raffling off a $25 Amazon gift card to one of the first 10 entrants into the challenge group (please email me or leave your email address below for entry details and requirements).

So what do you say?!?!?! Are you ready for #SHAUNWEEK!?!?!

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