Why do we associate exercise with weightloss?????? Can’t we exercise for reasons other than weightloss???? Why do we automatically assume that becasue a person is exercising the only reason they are doing it is becasue they have some sort of body problem. Here’s the reason for these questions…..

The other day I ran into someone I hadn’t seen for awhile at the store and the first thing they said to me is, “why do you workout so much you look great. in fact, I think you’re too small.” A little stunned at the interaction, and feeling somewhat defensive it really got me thinking. Why is that we link exercise to weightloss? There are so many benefits to regular exercise other than weightloss such as:

-improved sleep
-stress relief
-boosts immunity
-lowered bloodpressure
-reduced chronic pain
-improved digestion

For me it just plain makes me feel good. I love to get up, get my sweat on, and go about my day. It sets the tone for my day, and gives me that usually bright and cheery attitide that I need to grind through the rest of the days obstacles.

Another reason I choose to work out is I enjoy it. It’s fun and makes me happy. I personally don’t see a point in doing something you dread. What is the purpose in that and why would you stick with it for any length of time? Do something you love that makes you feel good and I promise you will look forward to it and no longer think of it as a punishment that you must endure to lose weight. Exercise so much more than weightloss so treat it that way.

Love you all and have an outstanding week!

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