MIA and Camps

Ugh it’s a new year and time for all those goals, fresh starts, out with the old and in with the new attitudes…….Right?!?!? All of that pre-New Year’s fluff and listening to the resolutions and promises of those I am close to made me do some soul searching and realize I haven’t blogged in months….. (almost a year Yikes!) But why? Going back to the frame of mind I was in at the time I was “hard core” blogging (at least what I believe is hard core), I realize that I have a tendency to be a “Camp Girl” and I was realizing the Camp I was in wasn’t sustainable I felt a little lost. What is a “Camp Girl” you ask? You know that annoying person that gloms onto this one thing (a fad diet, workout class, religion, book club whatever you can be basically obsessed with) and believes it is the end all be all and possibly even treats you like if you don’t have this thing or aren’t doing it than YOU ARE NOTHING. Ha ha ha! We all know at least one of those people right? Right. Well, although I don’t believe I’m in the most extreme variation of this type of person I definitely have the tendency to be that way and I was getting super burned out with the camp I was in at the time, which led me to not blogging because if I’m not a part of that camp than I can’t blog right? Wrong! I’m not a big resolutioner because I want to believe it doesn’t take a new year to start something, change something about myself or evolve, however, as I sit here a week into the New Year and think about where I am at now compared to where I was at a year ago, I hope to be able to share my own stories and experiences with you more often going forward while being a lot less “Campy” about it.

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