About Me

I am a full-time working girl and have been with the love of my life and best friend for 6 years. I also get the privilege of being a part of his wonderful child’s life, which I am thankful for daily. I have been very passionate about health and fitness since I was 19 and put on those “freshmen 15”, caused me to frantically research as much as I could about how to lose the weight  I so quickly gained. I have found that I struggle the most with portion control and emotional eating especially when I am stressed, which has been what prevents me from reaching my goals. In working my full-time job in the acquisition field there comes a great deal of problems and stress so it is a constant battle I will likely always struggle with.

In my quest to find a magic cure to my struggles, I have tried MANY different diets, exercise programs, and supplements trying to find what works best for me and my lifestyle and honestly to find an easy fix when I felt like all my hard work wasn’t getting me anywhere. As I go through this journey called life, I can say consistency and having a support system are two things that have truly helped me stay on track and keep me from beating myself up when I detour from my path.

Not long ago I was stuck in a rut going to the same gym, doing the same movements, eating the same foods and getting 0 progress. An amazing friend of mine reached out and got me turned onto the 21 day fix, which sparked my excitement and passion for health and fitness once again. I have fallen in love with the Beach Body Team for the support, motivation, and friendships it has provided me with which continue to grow and amaze me everyday. My hopes in all this is that I can support, motivate, and strengthen others in the same way that it has been done for me. We are in this together!!!!